Video Screensaver

Video Screensaver

The Video Screensaver lets you use your own videos and MP3's as a screensaver
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The Video Screensaver allows you to use your own videos and MP3 files as a screensaver.
This excellent screensaver will let you have any of your video or audio files start playing after your predetermined period of computer inactivity.
Just like a regular screensaver with a lot of extra features.
Show your last trip. Or your wedding video, or anything you want.
Play some music videos, or display an advertisement or promotional video.

You can create a play list both for videos and for MP3's.
Several play lists are stored in a database.
The play list screen has a preview window where you can visualize your video or your song.

If you hate when somebody touches your computer and stops the screensaver,
you can password protect it so only after typing the correct password the screensaver will close.

With the Video Screensaver you will not get bored of your own music and videos.
You can play the files in sequence, or you can select random play, so every time they start it will be a different sequence.

This is a screensaver that you will really be able to show to your friends or colleagues.

Fernando Soni
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  • The play lists are a good idea.
  • Plays almost everything


  • The full screen video lacks some quality
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